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Annual Report and Accounts 2018
8th November 2018

Enrolment Evening 2
16th August 2018

Enrolment Evening 1
15th August 2018

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  • Annual Report and Accounts 2018

    Annual Report and Accounts 2018

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 8th November 2018

    Annual Report and Accounts 2018

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  • Enrolment Evening 2

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 16th August 2018

    Our second Enrolment Evening for membershipduring 2018-19, will be on Thursday 16th August, from 6.30 - 8.00 pm

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  • Enrolment Evening 1

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 15th August 2018

    Our first Enrolment Evening for membership during 2018-19, will be on Wednesday 15th August, from 7.00 - 8.30 pm. 

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  • Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17

    Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 13th November 2017

    Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17

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  • Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16

    Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 8th December 2016

    Check out what we've all been up to over the last year!

    Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16

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  • 50 Club Prize Draw

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st June 2016

    Due to changes in the administration requirements for this club, the draws will now take place 3 times a year in December, April and August. Please be assured that there will still be a winner and second place prize for every month, chosen at random by a Beaver, Cub or Scout in our Group.

    Recent winners are:

    • May 2015 - Winner - Mrs K Imrie
    • May 2015 - 2nd prize - Mr Robert Lamont
    • June 2015 - Winner - Mrs W Lipp
    • June 2015 - 2nd prize - Mrs Y Chalmers
    • July 2015 - Winner- Mrs J Murphy
    • July 2015 - 2nd prize - Ms W McLean
    • August 2015 - Winner - Ms S McLean
    • August 2015 - 2nd prize - Mr D Collingham
    • September 2015 - 1st prize - Mark Ratter
    • September 2015 - 2nd prize R Lamont
    • October 2015 - 1st prize - Wendy Durie
    • October 2015 - 2nd prize - Mark Ratter
    • Nov 15 1st prize - Eleanor Coventry
    • Nov 15 2nd prize - Karen Imrie
    • Dec 15 1st prize - R Lamont
    • Dec 15 2nd prize - Wendy Lipp
    • January 2016 - Winner - Mrs W Lipp
    • January 2016 - 2nd prize - Mrs E Miller
    • February 2016 - Winner - Mrs E McLean
    • February 2016 - 2nd prize - Mrs K Murchie
    • March 2016 - Winner - Mrs J Murphy
    • March 2016 - 2nd prize - Ball no 172 - Mrs J Murphy
    • April 2016 - Winner - Mrs E McLean
    • April 2016 - 2nd prize - Mrs Y Chalmers

    Thanks to everyone who supports us!

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  • Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 10th December 2015

    Read about all the activities that we took part in, during session 2014-15. Our audited accounts are also included.

    Combined Report 2014-15.pdf

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  • An update on our 50 Club winners

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th October 2015

    It's been a while since we last said thank you to some great people who support us every month. Member's of our 50 Club make a monthly donation to the Scout Group to be part of a prize draw and our young people from Beavers, Cubs and Scouts draw out numbers to decide on a winner.

    Listed below are our winners for 2012, 2013, 2014 and the first few months of 2015.

    Thank you to everyone who supports us in this way, it's greatly appreciated!

    We'll be posting an update every quarter from now on to tell you who the lucky people are.

    50 Club Winners 1st winner 2nd winner
    January 2012 McBrearty Fiona Cartwright
    February 2012 Karen Imrie Lesley Loughrey
    March 2012 Susan Mclean M Manson
    April 2012 Elaine McLean M Manson
    May 2012 McBrearty McFarlane
    June 2012 Robert Lamont A Colville
    July 2012 Colville Yvonne Chalmers
    August 2012 E Coventry Wendy Durie
    September 2012 S Peacock Susan McLean
    October 2012 E Coventry Stuart Robertson
    November 2012 Gillian Caldwell M Manson
    December 2012 Colville Lesley Loughrey
    January 2013 S Peacock Nicola Cowan
    February 2013 Wendy McLean Yvonne Chalmers
    March 2013 E Coventry Nicola Cowan
    April 2013 Gillian Caldwell McFarlane
    May 2013 Anne Porter Lesley Loughrey
    June 2013 Robert Lamont Elaine McLean
    July 2013 M Manson(Wolfries) Karen Imrie
    August 2013 Joanne Murphy Robert Lamont
    September 2013 Karen Imrie Eleanor Coventry
    October 2013 Stuart Robertson Wendy McLean
    November 2013 Wendy Durie McFarlane
    December 2013 McFarlane Colville
    January 2014 Nicola Cowan Susan McLean
    February 2014 Robert Lamont Mr McBrearty
    March 2014 Nicola Cowan Joanne Murphy
    April 2014 WendyMcLean Colville
    May 2014 Fiona Cartwright Fiona Cartwright
    June 2014 S Peacock Susan McLean
    July 2014 McFarlane Elaine McLean
    August 2014 Stuart Robertson M Manson
    September 2014 Stuart Robertson Fiona Cartwright
    October 2014 Mr McBrearty Wendy Durie
    November 2014 Ms Rattner Heather Nilson Nygaard
    December 2014 Nicola Cowan Wendy Durie
    January 2015 M Manson(Woolfries) Susan McLean
    February 2015 Mr McBrearty Wendy McLean
    March 2015 Gillian Caldwell Ian McFarlane
    April 2015 Gillian Caldwell Mr McBrearty

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  • Joint Summer Camp with 145th Troop

    Joint Summer Camp with 145th Troop

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 1st August 2015

    Our Scouts joined with the 145th Glasgow Scouts, for a joint camp at Great Tower, in the Lake District. All the Scouts had an amazing time! Thanks to all the leaders from both Troops, for giving up their time.

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  • Family Fun Night

    Family Fun Night

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 11th June 2015

    The whole Group joined up for a fun-filled evening, to round off the year. Great to see so many parents, brothers and sisters too.

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  • Weekend at Lapwing Lodge

    Weekend at Lapwing Lodge

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 15th May 2015

    Beavers, Cubs and Scouts enjoyed a great weekend at Lapwing Lodge, despite the mixed weather conditions. The Cub and Beaver programme had a 'Harry Potter' theme and was packed with a wide variety of activities. The Scouts were camping.

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  • Beavers go Climbing

    Beavers go Climbing

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 26th March 2015

    The Beaver Colony finished up for Easter, by spending an evening at Glasgow Climbing Centre, in Ibrox.

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  • Cubs collect for foodbank

    Cubs collect for foodbank

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 25th March 2015

    As part of their Community Challenge, the Cubs found out about the work of the foodbank and how they could help.

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  • Our year of adventure

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd November 2014

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  • What a great night!

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th November 2014

    Last week, our Scouts headed for Glasgow Climbing Centre. We spent the evening, under the instruction of the climbing centre staff, trying our bouldering and then learning how to climb and also to belay the Scout climbing.

    Check out some of these great pictures taken on the night.

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  • Beavers, Halloween & a washing machine?

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 9th November 2014

    We have had great fun with the parachute at Beavers.

    Everyone enjoyed a turn in the "washing machine" spinning around and being eaten by the shark.

    We had a memory night, invested our eight new Beavers and dressed in our PJs or Onesies to attend the Halloween party. We created our own Halloween owl in fancy dress and enjoyed playing firework games the night after bonfire night. We even had an extra treat of an erupting volcano made by Daniel as part of his Imagination badge. 

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  • It's never quiet for the Scouts

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th October 2014

    We're now half way through the first term and I have no idea where the time has gone.

    We've been delighted to welcome a few new Scouts since we went back in August which had brought our numbers up to 17 Scouts.

    The Scouts have been working on their Promise challenge award and as well as discussing activities that they'd like to do in their Troop Forum, they have debates about 'global issues' such as war and poverty and they were challenged to think about what they could do to help draw attention to how unfair these issues are.

    It's not really the time of year now for doing outdoor activities but that hasn't stopped us brushing up on practical Scouting skills such as knotting (the edible style) or improving our Patrols' team working skills using A4 sheets of paper.

    With the Promise Challenge almost finished, we're turning our thoughts to the Fitness Challenge next to keep them out of mischief!

    Intrigued? Why not pop down and join us one Thursday night.

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  • Japan, Bubble Football & Food - that'll be the Explorers

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 18th October 2014

    The Explorers started the year with a new activity - Bubble Football. This proved to be Very popular and a great laugh at the same time. This was followed by a team building night in the hall, with the Explorers attempting a variety of challenges.

    Members of the Unit are heading to the World Scout Jamboree in Japan, next summer, and so we held a Japanese evening and the Explorers tried their hand at Sumo, making candy sushi, Japanese language activities and origami.

    In the middle of September, we had an activities weekend at Auchengillan and, during the weekend, the Explorers worked at Glengoyne Lodge, giving it a bit of a facelift. They also took part in team building activities, archery and crate climbing.

    'In the Mood' was a quieter, more serious evening, taking it in turns to role play different moods, listen to moods initiated by music and discuss how expressions and comments can be construed in different ways.

    After a couple of weeks of planning, we held the Pegasus version of 'Come Dine with Me'. All four groups work exceptionally well and prepared excellent themed menus - Formal, Caribbean, Down Under and Formal.

    We completed a Young Leader training module called 'Taking the Lead', finding out about different styles of leadership and techniques for working with the younger Sections.

    The term up to the October week was rounded off with Edible Pioneering ... although, at times, there was more of a focus on 'edible' rather than 'pioneering'. 

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  • It's been a busy September for the Cubs

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 8th October 2014

    It's hard to believe that we're now well into September and the summer holiday's are but a distant memory.

    Since they restarted, the Cubs have been busy playing team games and getting to know everyone in their sixes with new members having 'swam up' from Beavers.

    Whilst there is still a bit of light left at night, they've also been heading outdoors, collecting leaves and making autumn collages and drawings and they've made a start on making bird feeders to help keep the birds well fed over winter.

    The impact of what we do every day is important for our young people so the Cubs have been learning about the importance of recycling cans and bottles, more about that in their next update and they are now working on their communicator badge.

    Thanks to Cheryl for this update.

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  • Getting the new term under way for the Beavers

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 29th September 2014

    The Beavers have all been very busy getting to know the new Beavers and settling in to their new roles as lodge leaders and seconders.

    We have 24 Beavers and are full at the moment. We have been having a great time trying out the adventure trail in the school grounds on sunny evenings and playing new games when we are inside. Last Thursday was fantastic! We all had a ball at Sporty Kids in Thornliebank, the place to ourselves so we made the most of it! Lots of sweaty children at the end of a superb hour of fun. 

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  • Congratulations!


    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 19th June 2014

    Congratulations to Thomas and Hamzah, on achieving the Chief Scout's Gold Award at our final night of the session. All the Scouts also enjoyed a BBQ and activities at Lapwing Lodge.

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  • Scouts at Lochearnhead

    Scouts at Lochearnhead

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 14th June 2014

    The Scouts, joined by a couple of our older Cubs have had a great camp at Lochearnhead Scout Station. During the weekend we went fishing, hiking and completed some badge work

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  • Cubs on the water

    Cubs on the water

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 11th June 2014

    The Cubs had a great final Pack night at James Hamilton Heritage Park, sailing and raft building. Very exciting!

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  • Scout Community Week

    Scout Community Week

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 5th June 2014

    Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been busy, helping to improve the environment at the Retail Trust's Cottage Homes at Crookfur. The Beavers have planted some summer flowers and are grateful to B&Q, for their support in providing the plants. The Cubs, Scouts and a number of parents braved the elements to clear vast quantities of litter from the woods that form the east boundary of the estate. Many thanks to The Retail Trust and East Renfrewshire Council for their support. Well done everyone!

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  • Gurdwara


    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 21st May 2014

    The Cubs and Scouts enjoyed their evening visiting the Glasgow Gurdwara in Pollokshields.

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  • Sponsored Zumbathon!

    Sponsored Zumbathon!

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 1st May 2014

    Over the last two evenings, our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been learning about a new way to keep fit, while raising some funds through the sponsored zumbathon. Well done everyone!

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  • Scouts go climbing

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 23rd November 2013

    There was no let at Crookfur Primary last Thursday so the Scouts headed for the Glasgow Climbing Centre.

    The Instructors taught the Scouts how to put on their harnesses, tie a double figure of eight knot, a stopper knot and then they headed out to the climbing wall.

    The Scouts had a great night alternating between belaying and climbing, at varying heights and finished the evening off with a necessary trip upstairs to the café where there were very few muffins left after we were done.

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  • Our expedition challenge

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st October 2013

    Back at the end of last term, 5 Scouts along with Leaders from the Group set off to complete their expedition challenge badge.

    The Scouts met at Patterton Station on the Saturday morning and were given a set of clues to find their way around the City Centre of Glasgow before heading back to Central Station where they boarded a train to Lanark.

    Upon arrival in Lanark, they were given a map, compass and grid references and they then set about finding their way to New Lanark where they had some challenges to complete.

    Having found out about the history of New Lanark and what it had to offer, they made their way back to the Lanark Scout Hall where they prepared a barbecue and wrote up their reports on their exploration.

    In the evening, Fhionna joined us for an opportunity to thank her for everything she had done during her time as Scout Leader before she headed South for her next adventure. 

    Congratulations to them all on completing their Expedition Challenge Award and thanks to Heather, Gillian, Fhionna, Magnus and the 2nd Lanark for their help during the weekend. 

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  • A weekend of sunshine, rain & fun

    Author: Gary Bainbridge | Date: 1st October 2013

    Just 2 weeks after starting back after the summer, the Scouts joined the Cubs at Auchengillan for their first camp of the new session.

    During the weekend, they practised their knotting and built catapults, had a go at cooking lunch, backwoods style and enjoyed some of Auchengillan's activities at the grass sledging, pedal karts and on the tower.

    A great time had by all!

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  • New Scout Leader

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 10th August 2013

    Unfortunately, Fhionna Robertson, who has been a leader with the 35th Scouts for the past 4 years, is moving to England. We are sorry to lose Fhi but delighted that Gary Bainbridge has agreed to take over as Scout Leader, from September.

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  • Explorer Belt - Canada 2013

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 13th July 2013

    Congratulations to the 11 Explorer Scouts and members of Scout Network, who completed their 10-day Explorer Belt Expedition on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There is a lot of information about the trip in our blog. The next step is to compile reports and make presentations, before the Explorer Belts can be awarded - good luck!

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  • Expedition Challenge

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 15th June 2013

    Congratulations to all the Scouts who completed their Expedition Challenge, in Lanark, over the weekend 15-16th June.

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  • Asda Green Tokens

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 27th December 2012

    Thank you to everyone who supported the 35th by depositing their green Asda tokens in our collection box, during October and November. You will be pleased to hear that we won the £200 donation from Asda, Newton Mearns.

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  • Scouts Go Ice Skating

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 13th December 2012

    The Scouts enjoyed their last meeting of 2012, by visiting the ice rink in George Square. Log in to see photos in the 2012 Scout Gallery.

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  • Annual Report 2011-12

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 23rd November 2012

    Our Annual Report for the year to 31st August 2012 is now available.

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  • Our new Executive Committee

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 22nd November 2012

    Following this evening's AGM, Grace McCarthy has been appointed as our Group Chairman, Rachel Fishlock as Group Secretary and Kirsty Murchie as Group Treasurer. Committee members are Wendy Lipp, Anne Porter and Tracey Fergus. Further members welcome - please use the contact form on the website or speak to one of the leaders.

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  • Congratulations!

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 22nd November 2012

    Well done to Heather Campbell on being awarded her Wood Badge, having completed her training as a Cub Scout Leader. Congratulations also go to Heather Nilsen-Nygaard, on achieving her 20-year service award.

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  • Explorers achieve the Platinum Standard!

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 6th November 2012


    Congratulations to Chris Brown, Martin Dunn, Gary Hanvidge, Naomi Kean, Stuart Murchie, Caity Norris, Michael Seeger and Ross Syme who were presented with their Chief Scout's Platinum Award at the Clyde Annual Review.

    Congratulations also to Ruairidh Mackay, Alasdair Paul and Scott Syme on their Chief Scout's Gold Awards. Congratulations, in absentia, to Conor Innes, Jacob Leiser, Ross McGarrie, Scott McNee and Sam Wood for their Platinum Awards and Chris Keenan and Euan Shields on their Gold Awards.

    Also well done to Martin for proposing the Vote of Thanks.

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  • Scouts achieve Chief Scout's Gold Award

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 6th November 2012

    Congratulations to Alasdair Paul and Christopher Keenan on achieving the highest award for a Scout - the Chief Scout's Gold Award. The boys were presented with their certificates at the Clyde Region Annual Review, held in Hamilton Town Hall.

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  • Explorer Quiz & Curry night a great success!

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 28th October 2012

    12 teams took part last night in the Explorer Belt Fundraising Quiz and Curry Night at Poloc Cricket Club, raising over £1000 towards the Explorer Belt Expedition to Canada in July 2013.

    Answering questions, ranging from General Knowledge and Sport to TV and Films and Music, the teams competed for a few hours to be crowned champions.  The quiz was hottly contested, but it was a team from the host club, Poloc, who triumphed at the end of the night, winning by 25 points.

    The evening was generously supported by the Turban Tandoori who donated the buffet for the interval of the quiz.  There was plenty of food for everyone and all agreed the food was fantastic.  We also owe thanks to Poloc Cricket Club who made the venue available to us and made all the teams feel very welcome.

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  • Asda Newton Mearns supports the 35th!

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 1st October 2012

    During October and November, the 35th Glasgow Scout Group will be one of the charities being supported by Asda, Newton Mearns, through their green community tokens scheme.

    Please encourage as many people as you can to shop there, to request a token at the till each time, and to support our Group by depositing tokens in the 35th Glasgow Scout Group collection box. The winning charity, at the end of the two-month period, will be awarded £200.

    Thank you, in advance, for your support.

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  • Explorers lend Disabled Scouts a helping hand

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 23rd September 2012

    The Explorers were away this weekend as part of the training and preparation for their Explorer Belt to Canada in July 2013.  Today (Sunday) they carried out a Service Project at the Glengoyne Lodge, Auchengillan which is owned by Glasgow Disabled Scouts.


    This involved cutting and stimming all the grass areas, washing all the windows, painting the fences, windows and doors, clearing all the paving slabs of weeds, restoring the patio area to a clear space, re-instating the campfire area and the path to it from the lodge, a deep clean of the kitchen and ensuring all the external lights were working.  All of the Explorers and Leaders were involved in a 6 hour period and the results are very impressive.

    Patio_1.JPG   Campfire_Area_1.JPG   Front_Door_1.JPG

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  • Flight on time

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 8th July 2012

    See you all soon

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  • Time to Fly - Homeward Bound

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 8th July 2012

    Well they are now fully boarded on the plane at Basel Airport and about to take off on time.  Keep checking the flight arrivals board at the airport but they will see you all soon.

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  • Our fantastic Swiss Adventure

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 8th July 2012

    The Scouts have now returned from a fantastic ten-day camp at Kandersteg International Scout Centre, in Switzerland. Everyone had a great time, taking in aspects of Swiss culture, meeting new friends from different countries, walking and trying out a number of activities. You can find out more in our blog.


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  • TGI Friday

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 6th July 2012

    This morning it took most of us 45 minutes to get up! As a result, we missed the bus and train and had to catch later ones. Finally, after one bus and two trains, we were in Interlaken, where we were going on a shopping spree. We got lots of gifts for our families and friends. Most people brought their bags back with them but Nathan got his specially delivered by train (ie he left it in Interlaken Station but it was handed in and sent back to Kandersteg). Tonight we planned on going to the International Campfire but, once again, very heavy rain stopped play. We need to strike camp tomorrow and move into the luxury of Kanderlodge, for our last night, so tonight is an early night all round.

    Authors: Nathan Clark and Ross Lipp.


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  • Visit to Oeschinensee

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 5th July 2012

    We woke to sunshine again today and so, after a quick breakfast, the Scouts left to hike up to Oeschinensee, a mountain lake about 500 metres above Kandersteg. This took about one and a half hours and some of us found the climb easier than others! When we got to the top, we enjoyed a paddle in the icy cold lake and then had lunch. The Scouts then continued their hike, to the nearby toboggan run, which was great fun. Unfortunately, the weather was unkind to us once again and, after only four or five runs on the toboggan track, the rain came on and it was closed down. Instead, we got on a cable car, to take us back to Kandersteg, within minutes.

    Once we were back in the village, the Scouts had some free time to do some shopping and take in the sights. It was then time to head back to camp for dinner, which consisted of soup followed by a barbecue. The evening was rounded off toasting marshmallows around the fire.

    Authors Matthew Kirwan and Thomas McCarthy.





















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  • Wonderful Wednesday

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 4th July 2012

    Today was action packed. We began with a frantic morning - we had to get up, shower and have breakfast before sprinting to catch the morning bus to the village. All 12 Scouts took part in an exciting mini golf tournament, which was great fun. After mini golf, we had some free time for shopping before returning to the campsite for an early lunch.IMG_2293.JPGIMG_2297.JPG










    At 1 p.m., we went to take part in an exciting, fun and scary high ropes course, way up in the trees. Everybody enjoyed it and tried out the various levels with a variety of obstacles, such as zipwires. Sadly thunder and lightening returned and we had to leave the course, to avoid any safety risks.

    DSCN0046.JPG  DSCN0055.JPG

    At 5 p.m., the Scouts took part in a 'Wet n Wild' activity at the swimming pool. The pool was very cold but we all still had fun and some of us also played table tennis afterwards. Then we headed back to camp, for dinner (burgers, chips, chocolate cake and custard). The dishes are now washed and the Scouts are enjoying a game of cards before bedtime, after what was an explosive, tiring and enjoyable day.

    Authors Neil Collingham and Christopher Keenan

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  • Tuesday's Travels

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 3rd July 2012

    After a relatively long lie, the Scouts enjoyed a late breakfast as the SUN ARRIVED IN KANDERSTEG :)

    Everyone then split into 2 teams to compete in the Kandersteg Challenge, walking around the local area while looking for clues to the quiz.

    The teams headed back to the campsite for a quick lunch and it was then time to take advantage of the good weather and travel up on the Sunnbuel cable car. This gave the Scouts an opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of Kandersteg and the surrounding area. At the top, it was a bit colder which encouraged us to get walking on our journey back down the mountain which took just over 1 1/2 hours.

    Everyone was hungry after the walk and we enjoyed our dinner of chicken fajitas and fruit flan. The Scouts have now headed out to meet Scouts from other countries and probably try for a three-in-a-row win playing football with overseas Scouts.






















    Authors: Graham Murchie and Gavin Colville

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  • Monday's Mystery Tour

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 2nd July 2012

    The thunderstorms started at 2.30 a.m. but the Scouts seemed to sleep through it all. Our draft programme is no more and we are choosing activities to suit the prevailing conditions. We had an early start, with everyone up by 7.30 a.m., and headed to Kandersteg Station, to embark on our hastily organised mystery trip. This took us to Spiez, where we transferred to one of the steamers on Lake Thun. Our next stop was Beatushohlen where we had a very steep walk to the St Beatushohlen ice caves. After an hour long tour, we descended to the pier once again and headed by boat to Interlaken.

    You can take our Scouts out of Glasgow but you can't take Glasgow out of them. First stop in Interlaken was McDonalds, for a late lunch! Then began the shopping for souvenirs.

    Upon our return to the camp, the Troop joined with a Troop from Holland, to prepare, cook and eat dinner together. This was followed by a Scotland v Netherlands football challenge, which the Scots won 3 - 0! The evening finished with the two Troops having a short campfire together and it's now time for a relatively early night.




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  • A Damp Day in Kandersteg

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 1st July 2012

    Today the Scouts obviously had more of a sleep but woke to a rainy morning.  The Scouts headed off to the football pitch to have a game of 'soccer' with the Americans.  They lost 5 -2.

    After lunch as we headed to the village there was a spectacular thunder and lightening storm.  One of the local hotels gave us access to their games room and the Scouts spent a couple of hours playing table tennis, pool, table football and 9 pin bowling.  (Hopefully some pics to follow but uploading a problem at the moment).

    Chicken and chips for tea - therein lies a long story for another day.  Now rounding off the day with a camp fire and some marshmallows.

    Authors - Lewis Gibson and Alasdair Paul

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  • Photos from 1st July

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 1st July 2012

    A couple of photos from our games afternoon.


















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  • It's been a long day!

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 30th June 2012

    The leaders were wakened at 5 a.m. by the Scouts, outside playing football, and keeping half of Switzerland awake. Apparently most of them hadn't slept at all!! Breakfast was a rather frosty meal and that was nothing to do with the cereal.

    Nevertheless, 12 very tired boys and 4 almost as knackered leaders did get the campsite set up during the morning and, after lunch, the Scouts enjoyed their first opportunity to visit the Swimming Pool in the village.

    Everyone has enjoyed pasta for dinner, followed by strawberries and cake for dessert. The Scouts are now off meeting new people from other countries and then a relatively early night to follow.

    I don't think anyone will take any rocking to sleep tonight.

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  • The great day has arrived!

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 29th June 2012

    Twelve Scouts and four leaders are off on the long awaited expedition to Kandersteg today. The bags are packed and we are ready to head to Edinburgh Airport for our flight to Basel and then on to Kandersteg, by train, this evening.

    Please follow the blog to find out about our exploits over the next ten days!

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  • At the Airport

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 29th June 2012

    Airside at Edinburgh. Lunch consumed and now ready for our flight!


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  • Touchdown in Switzerland

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 29th June 2012

    The party has arrived safely in Basel Airport, Switzerland and are about to make their way by train to Kandersteg.  More later ....

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  • Arrival in Kandersteg

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 29th June 2012

    Contact has been made and the party have now safely arrived in Kandersteg and are settling down to their first night in Switzerland.  30oC at Basel Airport this afternoon - slightly warmer and drier than Glasgow!

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  • Switzerland - the final countdown

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 16th June 2012

    Less than 2 weeks to go and the excitement is mounting! Keep in touch if you have any questions. Failing that, we'll see you at the airport!

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  • Scouts Snowboarding and Tubing!!

    Author: Fhionna Robertson | Date: 14th June 2012


    More pics to follow.......


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  • Explorers Go Sky Diving!

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 3rd June 2012

    The Explorers are currently in Manchester as part of their Jubilee Weekend Adventure.  After a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry yesterday and a trip to the cinema last night to see Men In Black 3, today so them visit the Trafford Centre before going Indoor Sky Diving at Airkix in Manchester.


    Tomorrow it's the Imperial War Museum North and a visit to Old Trafford before heading home.

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  • Cubs go 10-pin bowling

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 21st March 2012

    The Cubs had a fun-filled evening trying their hand at 10-pin bowling. Log in and see their photos on the Cub pages.

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  • Scout Survival Weekend

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 18th March 2012

    The Troop enjoyed an amazing weekend at Meggernie Scout Centre in Glen Lyon, cooking on fires, learning how to uses saws and axes properly, sleeping in tents and bivouacs and learning first aid. Although cold, we coped well with the survival techniques and had a great time. Please take time to watch our video.

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  • Cubs try Zumba

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 7th March 2012

    The Cub Pack had great fun trying out Zumba for the first time. This was as part of their Fitness Challenge. Log in to see the photos.

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  • Santa Dash

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 11th December 2011

    Six Scouts, an Explorer Scout and a Leader all took part in the annual Glasgow Santa Dash, in the centre of the city. Everyone completed the 5 km course and were presented with medals as they crossed the finishing line. Photos and Video now available.

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  • Christmas Shopping Evening

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 25th November 2011

    Many thanks to everyone who supported this event. Once all outstanding income and expenditure is dealt with, we reckon we will have raised around £500.

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  • Scout Bag Pack

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 16th November 2011

    A big 'well done' to everyone who helped out at the bag pack in Asda, on Saturday. We raised a total of £660.

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  • Explorer Scout Driving Lessons

    Author: Gordon Jack | Date: 14th November 2011

    Pegasus Explorer Scouts got to test their driving skills yesterday while having their first driving lesson on the roof top of Silverburn Shopping Centre.  Twenty budding Lewis Hamiltons got a half hour driving lesson, where they were tasked to drive round a slalom course, do a reverse bay park and what proved to be hardest of all, drive in a straight line! Their skills and listening skills will be tested in a few weeks time when we are back in the hall doing theory and hazard perception tests.

    Many thanks to the Young Driver team at Silverburn who provided such a brilliant activity for us.  


    DSC_0033.JPG DSC_0045.JPG

    DSC_0059.JPG DSC_0075.JPG 



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  • Family Night a great success

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 9th November 2011

    Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were joined by family members to participate in a series of bases around a Scotland theme. Afterwards, a short AGM was held. Thanks to everyone who supported this event and congratulations to Heather Nilsen-Nygaard on being awarded a Wood Badge as ADC (Beaver Scouts).

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  • Explorer Scouts present at the Regional AGM

    Author: Gordon Jack | Date: 8th November 2011

    Explorer Scouts Martin Dunn and Sam Wood presented their World Jamboree experience to nearly 400 people, including the Chief Commissioner for Scotland Scouts, at the Glasgow City Chambers this evening. They spoke about their experience as a whole, from selection in November 2009 right through to their arrival back at Glasgow airport in August 2011.  Well done to them both for delivering such an informative presentation.


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  • Explorer Scout Investiture on Titan Crane

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 2nd October 2011

    Today 8 New members of Pegasus Explorer Scout Unit were invested in a special ceremony at the top of the famous Titan Crane in Clydebank in the area of the former John Brown Shipyard famous for the construction of the Queen Mary and QE2 luxury liners.

    Titan_1_1.JPG                Titan_3_1.JPG


    After taking the lift to the top of the crane the Explorers made their promise in front of other members of the Unit and their parents before returning to Giffnock for a celebratory meal at the Turban Tandoori.

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  • Explorers Mountain Hut in Switzerland

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 6th July 2011

    A number of members of Pegasus Explorer Scout Unit spent an overnight stay in a Mountain Hut at 9317ft in Switzerland as part of ther Summer Camp.  To read more click on the link.

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  • Explorers make presentation to Provost Mackie

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 28th March 2011

    The Explorers made a presentation to East Renfrewshire Provost Alex Mackie on Tuesday 15 March on behalf of the Town Council of Gold River, Vancouver Island.  They had been given a limited edition print to be presented to the people of East Renfrewshire as a thank you for the Quaich delivered by the Explorers to the people of Gold River during their visit last summer.


    Provost Alex Mackie then spoke to the Explorers as follows:

    "Good evening everyone, thank you for inviting me along this evening.  I am truly astonished at the efforts you have undertaken.  In raising a staggering £20,000 to organise your trip to Canada you show what can be achieved with some hard work and determination.  And I must pay tribute and thanks to parents for their enormous support in fundraising and also to local groups including Giffnock United Reformed Church Members, Eaglesham Music and Drama Group, Eaglesham Round Table and Star Refrigeration. 

    Despite the tough economic times, you Explorer Scouts have proved that people are prepared to dig deep and support a very worthwhile venture.  And as if that wasn’t achievement enough to then visit Canada and carry out your ten challenges is a fabulous story indeed.

    Thank you also for bringing back the gift from the Mayor of Gold River, I will ensure it takes pride of place in our council headquarters.

    I’d also like to thank you for being incredible young achievers.  You’ve shown our friends across the Atlantic just what makes Scotland great.  You are a credit to Explorer Scouts everywhere, you are a credit to your leaders and your families should be rightly proud of you and lastly you are a credit to East Renfrewshire and to Scotland so congratulations and thank you once again and I hope to keep on hearing about your achievements in the future."

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  • 50 Club Winners

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 23rd February 2011

    October 2010 -   1st Robert Lamont  2nd Douglas Collingham 

    November 2010 - 1st Susan McLean 2nd Ian McFarlane

    December 2010 - 1st Elaine McLean   2nd Wendy McLean.

    Congratulations to all concerned. The draws for January and February will take place on Thursday 17th March. 



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  • Explorers Mystery Trip Videos

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 17th February 2011

    Watch the trailer of the Explorer Mystery Trip.  More images to follow.

    and now the full Monopoly Challenge

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  • Cubs gain badges

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 16th February 2011

    Congratuations to three of our olders Cubs, who achieved the highest award in Cub Scouting recently - the Chief Scout's Silver Award. They have now moved up to the Troop and we wish them every success there.

    The Cubs have been working towards a number of badges of late. They have now all completed the Emergency Aid Stage 2 badge and the Pack is currently learning about different forms of communication, as part of the Communicator badge. So far the Cubs have been learning Makaton phrases and will do more work on this over the coming weeks.

    Some Cubs have also gained the Collector badge and, until the end of February, they should continue with the badge challenge, to complete both Collector and Sports Enthusiast badges. More badges to follow, in March and April.

    Well done everyone!

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  • Explorer Mystery Trip ends up in London

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 13th February 2011

    The Explorers departed from Glasgow Central at 1244 today on their Mystery Trip and after nearly 5 hours they found themselves in London.  After settling in to their accommodation in the Youth Hostel near St Paul's Cathedral and following dinner, they all went out for a nightime walk around the capital spotting some of the major landmarks.  Who knows what tomorrow brings?

    104_0359_1.JPG   104_0363_1.JPG


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  • Explorers Underwater Investitures

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 7th February 2011


    Tonight the Explorer Scouts participated in an excellent SCUBA session at Holyrood Secondary School run by AQUATRON.  During the evening a number of Explorer Scouts were invested into the unit in an Underwater Investiture Ceremony.  Take a look at the photos and video below.




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  • Baby Congratulations

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 29th December 2010

    Congratulations to Cub Leader Jen MacAskill and husband Craig on the birth of their baby daughter, Holly, at 7.12 a.m. today. Holly weighed in at 6lb 1 oz and Mum and baby are both doing well!

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  • Scouts at Gang Show

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 26th November 2010

    The Scouts enjoyed a great night out at the Glasgow Gang Show. The Troop headed to the Mitchell Theatre to watch the Scouts and Guides of Clyde Region in the worlds oldest and longest running Gang Show. The evening was voted a great success by all those who went along.

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  • Visit to Mother Goose

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 25th November 2010

    The Beavers and Cubs enjoyed a great evening of fun and entertainment at the Harlequin production of 'Mother Goose'. A number of birthdays that occur around now were also announced from the stage. It was a late night, particularly for some of the youngest Beavers but everyone had a great time nonetheless.

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  • City Chambers Presentations for Explorers

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 11th November 2010

    9 Members of the Pegasus Explorer Scout Unit were presented with their Chief Scout Diamond Award and their Explorer Belts at the Clyde Annual Review at Glasgow City Chambers tonight.  They received their awards from the UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bulpitt.  The pictures below show the group with Wayne Bulpitt and Regional Commissioner, Stuart Imrie and also with the Chief Commissioner of Scotland, Eleanor Lyall.




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  • Award Congratulations!

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 10th November 2010

    Congratulations to Heather Nilsen-Nygaard and Morag Young who have both been presented with the Award for Merit, in recognition of their outstanding service to the Scout Association, over many years. In particular, they have given fantastic service within the 35th Beaver Colony. Both were presented with their awards at the Group AGM, on 10th November.

    In addition, Andrew Morgan received a 5-year Service award and Morag Young received a 15-year Service award.

    Well done everyone! 


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  • An Easy Fundraising Idea for the 35th

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 4th November 2010

    With Christmas coming up soon one very simple way you can support the Group is by registering with Easy Fundraising. 


    This organisation links into thousands of on-line shops and suppliers, all of whom will make a donation to the 35th if you access their websites via Easy Fundraising.  It doesn't cost you anthing extra on your purchase as it is the shops and suppliers who make the donations.

    Signing up couldn't be easier.  Visit the website by clicking on the link above.  Register your details with them and select the "35th Glasgow Scout Group" as the organisation you wish to support.  Then everytime you want to buy something on-line whether it be your weekly shop or renewing your car insurance, access the suppliers sites via the Easy Fundraising website and the 35th will get some money.  Some companies make a donation as a flat fee or as a percentage of the value of the purchase (upto 15%).

    If you want to read more about this scheme click the Fundraising tab or click on this read more link

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  • Where's Wally? 3

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 2nd November 2010

    The Explorer Scouts were out on Tuesday night in the centre of Glasgow taking part in Where's Wally? 3.  The object was to try to find three leaders who were hiding in various parts of the city centre by sending them a text message to locate their positions which could only be answered by a simple "YES" or "NO".  The teams found leaders at the Apple Shop in Buchanan Street, at Cineworld and in Queen Street Station and despite the weather all day, the evening was dry if perhaps a little cold. 

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  • Fakin' It - Explorer Scout Competition

    Author: Kenneth Robertson | Date: 1st November 2010

    Congratulations to Conor Baird, Rory Murphy and Caity Norris who were declared the winners of the Eastwood District Explorers Fakin' It Competition tonight.  All teams had to choose a soundtrack for their band, a look and a name and convince the panel of judges by their performance that they were a "real" band. 

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  • Explorer Belt Awards

    Explorer Belt Awards

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 19th September 2010

    Congratulations to the 10 members of Pegasus Explorer Scout Unit who were awarded their Explorer Belts after delivering their presentations to over 70 friends, family and supporters.  Each group gave a 20-30 minute presentation about their expedition to Canada, and then answered questions from the assessors.  Deputy Chief Commissioner for Scotland, Graham Haddock, presented each member in turn with their Explorer Belt and Certificate.


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  • Group Camp

    Group Camp

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 10th September 2010

    Our Group Camp took place at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre, from Friday 10th until Sunday 12th September. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took part in an action packed weekend and some of our Explorer Scout Young Leaders assisted in running the programme. Log in and go to the Beaver, Cub and Scout pages, to see the photo galleries.


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  • Explorer Belt Expedition to Canada

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 28th June 2010

    Ten Explorer Scouts, accompanied by 4 Leaders travelled to Canada, spending two weeks in Valcouver and Vancouver Island and taking part in a 'once in a lifetime' Explorer Belt expedition. Read all about our exploits in the Explorer Belt blog, hosted on the 145th Glasgow site.


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  • Shelterbox Scavenger Hunt

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 19th June 2010

    A group of Cubs and Scouts travelled by train to Edinburgh, to take part in the Shelterbox Scavenger Hunt around Edinburgh. It was an early start from Patterton Station, when the bleary eyed group met at 7.20 a.m! Once in Edinburgh, the Cub and Scout groups split up and each followed a scavenger hunt around the city - carrying an empty Shelterbox as the went. A great day out was had by all those who took part.


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  • Family Fun Night

    Family Fun Night

    Author: Gillian Caldwell | Date: 9th June 2010


    Beavers, Cubs and Scouts brought their families along to join in the last night of the session. All the youngsters had a great time on all the sideshows, which included stocks, a bouncy castle, great big games and circus skills equipment. The Group Executive committee provided refreshments for everyone - hotdogs, cakes and drinks - which were very welcome!

    Some of our Explorer Scouts came along too and assisted in supervising the various events (only once they had tried them out themselves)!

    A great time was had by all. Have a great summer!

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